Starbucks in Bombay

So I hear my favorite coffee shop Starbucks is coming to the town – a joint venture between Starbucks Coffee Company and Tata Global Beverages. This is going to open at Hornimon Circle near Fort.

If you an avid coffee lover, then you most certainly should try this coffee shop. My friends always complained that it just an overpriced coffee shop but the price that I paid for my Chai Tea Latte was worth every cent.

There were a few coffee shops around downtown where I lived in Cincinnati, Ohio. One was Kitty’s Coffee, Tazza Mia and then there was Starbucks (in fact 2 between 3 blocks distance). I have tasted all three and needless to say, I was spending more money at Starbucks than at the others.

Here’ s a chart of the types of coffee that I learned when I was new to this part of the world.

My favorite is Latte and Mocha. The cold version of those are just heavenly. I would particularly crave for the coffee in the mornings after a heavy drinking session. Going down to buy coffee would be the only reason for me to get dressed (if you know what I mean 😉 ) on a weekend.

I won’t be able to visit Starbucks here in Bombay as much as I did in Cincinnati but it is good to see it is around my town. And oh yes, I am not a hipster. Just love Starbucks and coffee. 🙂

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