Lazy Sunday. Also Rains and Snows

This is how I spent my Sunday.

Can’t believe I spent my Sunday doing nothing but lie on bed and alternate between napping, watching Breaking Bad and irritating Shraddha. And also, occasionally, peeking out of the balcony window inhaling the humidy breeze which has the aroma of rain drops falling on a dry earth.

I have always had such Sunday every rainy season I care to remember. Even while I was in US, I looked forward to such a day during the nut numbing snows of dearly city of Cincinnati. There is huge contrast, though, between the rains of Bombay city and the snows of Cincinnati.

Rains in a way offer some kind of optimism. The time after a small shower of rains turns the mood around and makes you feel little better than no rains and the scorching heat of the sun. It sure feels annoying when it rains at the wrong time or when it spoils your clothes or it is a torrential downpour. Yet it has a capacity to make you feel better when it falls for the right time and in right quantity.

If you happen to live near hills, then there is no denying how the whole place turns to greenlandish paradise.

But the same, in my humble opinion, doesn’t apply for snow. For me snow always brings the emotion of sadness. I did feel unusually good when I first experienced snow falling over my three layered clothed body. It did feel good to catch the snow flake fall right over my pinkish tongue. But all of this was temporary. I never, ever, felt the same again even a year later when the winter cycled through again. The first days of rainy season ain’t quite same as the first days of snows for me.

Only one good thing about snow.

The laziness that I am talking about came naturally during snows. The main reason being, I just hated going out. It is just too damn cold to do anything except drink beer or occasionally use the snow to cool the beer faster than your freezer could.

Snow looks goddamn beautiful on TV or a picture when you are sitting comfortable in your living room in a temperate zone.  But experiencing it, for like 3 months straight, you will do anything, I mean anything, to get out of there. The best example is the movie Fargo by Coen brothers. Almost every scene that is filmed out side of the house has snow. Every frame. Yet, you will love it. You will be mesmerized by the beautiful scenery which the film captures amazingly well. You will want to be there in such a paradise.

You see that white shit at the bottom half of the pic? No, it’s not heaven. It’s goddamn snow. Everywhere.

But it’s all lies. White Lies I tell ya.

You can’t do shit in such a city except drink hot coffee whole day or take a hot shower. You will do everything that is opposite of cold. Driving is the bitchiest of all.

Pretty much the reality.

So yeah, you can imagine, why I said snow brings the emotion of sadness. Rains, on the other hand, brings me the image of color green which signifies growth and optimism. And soaked bodies of certain feminine species.

Also, the feeling of being lazy – like really lazy – like i-have-lots-of-stuff-that-i-can-do-but-i-dont-wanna-do. Snow, on the other hand gives you this kind of laziness – i-have-lots-of-stuff-i-want-to-do-but-i-cant-do-shit-because-of-the-incessant-white-stuff-which-is-totally-not-as-cool-as-they-showed-in-the-movies.

Meanwhile in Russia.