27 Something

Number_27After procrastinating a lot, I have finally thought over the continuation of the name of my blog – 27 Something. Number 27 represents my age and “something” refers to, well, something.

I still remember the beating I got when I was in school when my Math teacher Ms. Melinda asked the value of pi. My hand didn’t go up but I shouted “3 point something”. And, oh boy, she got pissed. I never forgot the value of pi upto 4 decimal places after that day 🙂

So back to the topic – I have decided not to change the name as I age opposite of Brad Pitt from “The Curious Case of Benjamin Button”. 27 will always represent “something” every year. One day it might also be *the answer* to all the questions about life, universe and everything, which currently is the number 42. 🙂

Also, did you know, there is a term called “27 Club” used to refer to popular musicians who have died at the age of 27. Phew, I am not a musician.


Some copy-pasta for the mind about number 27:

  • The Greek Strongs number G27 is “Agapetos” which means “Beloved“, as found in the New Testament of the Bible.
  • 27 – the highest level of knowledge in rupaloke (Buddhism).
  • 27 – number of grains in some Buddhist rosary (108 divided by 4).
  • In almost all Christian traditions today, the New Testament consists of 27 books
  • Pythagoras and Plato say that the number 3 in the cubed (i.e. 27) and number 2 in the cubed (i.e., 8) represent the Cosmos.
  • In the Kabbalah there are 27 letters, corresponding to 27 channels of communication with God and 27 combinations of the names of God and – 13 overt and 14 covert.
  • Some Masonic lodges have the 27th title.
  • 27 – number of United Trinity Church, taken 9 times, symbolizing the fullness of the Absolute.
  • Mystical root of 27 is the number 9.
  • According to Feng Shui, to raise money, keep in the house 27 identical coins.
  • In ancient Incan culture there were 27 roads to El Dorado.
  • In Nidaros there were 27 archbishops (between 1153 and 1537)
  • 27 signs of the zodiac in Indian astrology