The Red Wedding – Game of Thrones

Something happened last night. I am in a shock. Shock from watching the episode S03E09 “The Red Wedding” from Game Of Thrones. Distraught, disgusted and probably devastated.

My reaction was similar to what Robert Angier (Hugh Jackman) experienced when he saw “The greatest magic trick ever“.

A lot of people cry about the insane shock values some films and TV shows portray, but this is different. Have you ever said to yourself while watching an intense drama/action/fight/horror scene like – meh, the hero is not going to die no matter what! Well, this episode will just make you question everything in your life – Why? why did I even? What just happ..? How can he jus..? My life is suddenly hollow…

Having watched thousands of movies and TV shows so far in my life, I can almost predict the twists in the plots. But this episode was a complete mindfuck….so much that I am still in my bed whereas I should have been in my office right now. And I am not exaggerating.

How can they all die? He was the goddamn king of The North. The only one that I felt can kill the Lannisters and the White Walkers. Whhhyyyyyyyyyyy?

Nevermind the real life civil protests currently happening in Istanbul. The Red Wedding is far more gruesome & intense. This what George Martin (author of the book on which the TV show is based) does to you. The emotional investment in his fantasy world of Westeros seems greater than the real world of ours where a government is oppressing its citizens and a hurricane is causing devastation in another corner of the world. Like I said before, my life seems hollow right now.

I think I should get ready for the office now. When a fictional story affects you so much – does it mean that it is the most beautiful piece of literature or just that I am escaping too much into the fantasy world neglecting the real life problems of our own world? I…..dont……know ¯\(°_o)/¯

Also, today I learned, this was the chapter that sold the idea to adapt the book into a TV show. HBO and the producers decided to make the show so that they can film his particular episode! And each episode has a 6 million dollar budget! Amazing.

Here are some of the reaction videos captured by people who had read the book and knew about the red wedding but others didn’t. My best reaction is from a twitter post that went something like this – “Remember when your really really nerdy friend was depressed 13 years ago? Well, watch the red wedding episode and you will know why.” I think that sums up. If a 60 minute episode can affect me so much than you can only imagine the minute details the whole chapter must have describing everything in detail.

If you haven’t seen this show, then I would suggest you start or read the book.


2 thoughts on “The Red Wedding – Game of Thrones

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